Bath University Accommodation Block

These contracts began in 2006, with a continued rolling programme of strip out and refurbishment every summer since. In total, ClearSite have successfully stripped out over 1000 bedrooms and over 100 kitchens at the Claverton Down campus, resulting in the reward of directly placed contracts from the University. The interiors of the student rooms, tutor flats, corridors, kitchens, toilets and stairways needed to be completely removed prior to the refurbishment and re-fit of the space. The work included the removal of all furniture including beds and desks, metal wrap around integrated WC/shower pods, fittings, floor coverings, screeds, toilet areas, kitchens, fridges, partitions, and then forming openings.

The limited time available within the contract programme means that all trades on site must work together within a room-to-room rolling programme in order for the project to be completed during the summer holiday period. This results in ClearSite stripping out approximately 400 bedrooms in a 3-week period every summer. ClearSite is extremely proud to be involved in the progression of student accommodation at Bath University and look forward to continuing our relationship with the design and construction teams on future projects, including the proposed redevelopments of other University campuses.